What to do if the shoes delivered are the incorrect size:

Foot Fashion will make all reasonable efforts to ensure that the shoes delivered to you are always the correct size.

However, should Foot Fashion make a mistake and deliver the incorrect size to you, please do not throw away the original packaging, do not remove any labels and do not walk in the shoes.

Please email us immediately and let us know whether the shoes are to big or to small. Please repack the shoes and return them to Foot Fashion. Please note that the client is responsible for the costs to return the shoes to us.

Foot Fashion will in turn import the correct size for you, and replace the shoes for you in the correct size at no extra cost to you. The shoes will only be refunded if the size required is not available. Should a refund be agreed to, please note that the courier charges paid on ordering the shoes, will not be refunded, if the shoes were sent to the client and then returned. Courier charges will only be refunded, if the order has been cancelled due to unavailability of the relevant shoes ordered.

Please note that Foot Fashion will only replace the incorrectly sized shoes, once, and the incorrectly sized shoes need to be returned to Foot Fashion, before the replacement pair will be shipped to you.

Should the sizing error not be on the part of Foot Fashion, but due to an error made by the customer, a surcharge of R350.00 will be charged for the replacement of the shoes.

Should the original pair of shoes be returned to us and found to be scuffed, and that they have been worn, they will be returned to you and not replaced.



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